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Fumio Demura

Born in Japan 15/11/1938

fumio_demura_senseiAt the age of 8 he began training in the martial arts under Asano Sensei, and started training under Ryusho Sakagami Sensei in Shito Ryu Itosu Kai karate when he was 12. Demura received his 1st Degree black belt in 1956 and won the East Japan Karate Championship in 1957. In early 1958 Demura began training in kobudo, a style of Okinawan weapons training, under the direction of Sensei Shinken Taira. Demura is renown for his abilities as a weapons instructor and taught famous martial arts movie performers such as Bruce Lee. In 1961 he won the All-Japan Karate Championships. Four years later, in partnership with Dan Ivan, Demura came to the United States to teach and promote Shito Ryu Karate.

In 1969 Shihan Demura was awarded the prestigious "Black Belt Hall of Fame" award for "Karate Sensei of the Year" and in 1975, he was awarded the "Black Belt Hall of Fame "Martial Artist of the Year."  In 1999 Sensei Demura was inducted into the History Museum Martial Arts "Hall of Fame."

During the 1970s and 1980s, he authored several books on karate and Kobudo for O’Hara Publications, and has been featured in numerous martial arts publications. Shihan Demura is a favorite amongst karate magazines for his dynamic and insightful approach to all martial arts.

In the 1980's Shihan Demura became involved in "The Karate Kid" series, serving as stunt double to actor Pat Morita. This was followed by several other appearances in feature films such as "Mortal Combat" and "Rising Sun."

In the following years Demura gained international renown with his innovative martial arts demonstrations in southern California and Las Vegas. He also became the Chief Instructor of Shito Ryu Itosu Kai USA. During his time in Las Vegas he trained Stephen Segal.

Demura has received numerous awards and recognitions from the American and International martial arts communities. In 2005 he celebrated his 40th year in the United States as a martial artist and teacher. Genbu Kai International split off from Itosu Kai International in 2003 after the 2001 political dispute in which he was expelled from Shito Ryu Itosu Kai. He is currently the President and Chief Instructor of Shito Ryu Genbu Kai International.

Demura lives in Southern California, but spends much of his time touring (in the USA and abroad) as a teacher and guest official. He teaches Karate to different students in many U.S. states and in more than 24 countries. Despite having lived in the United States for over 40 years, Demura remains a Japanese citizen but can speak english very well. After recovering from minor heart problems he has been traveling around the globe much of the time, visiting Genbu-Kai dojos, conducting Karate and Kobudo seminars and making movies.



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