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Enter the Ninja


Starring: Franco Nero, Sho Kosugi

After completing his training of ninjutsu within Japan, an American Vietnam veteran by the name of Cole (Franco Nero) visits his war buddy Frank Landers (Alex Courtney) and his newly wed wife Mary Ann Landers (Susan George), who are the owners of a large piece of farming land in the Philippines. Cole soon finds that the Landers are being repeatedly harassed by a CEO named Charles Venarius (Christopher George) in order to get them to sell their property, because un-beknownst to them a large oil deposit is located beneath their land.

After beginning to thwart Venarius’s hired henchmen their attempts to bully and coerce the Landers into the selling of their property to Venarius, Cole eventually finds himself facing an old rival from the days of his training in Japan Hasegawa (Shô Kosugi), who has been hired by Venarius as an assassin to eliminate him.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

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