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Holm Garden, Borneo

holm_01Martial arts, health and wellness centre

Holm Garden martial arts, health and wellness centre is an unspoilt rainforest hideaway with exotic views of Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South-East Asia, North Borneo. It is conveniently located near Kota Kinabalu town, yet secluded enough for you to get away from it all. Kota Kinabalu is home to some of Asia’s best tropical beaches, lush forests and nature parks. Choose to stay simply for a peaceful retreat or to train in Shaolin Kung Fu and Qi Gong.

Holm Garden is a small holiday retreat in Kota Kinabalu, the state capital of Sabah, North Borneo, designed to accommodate a maximum of eight guests. It is a place where one can escape the pressures of modern life, relax, and study Shaolin Kung Fu, self-defence techniques, Qi Gong meditation, yoga and pilates in a harmonious and peaceful environment.

We welcome all students – no martial arts experience is required, although if you have previous experience in the martial arts you will learn more quickly.

Holm Garden will create a training programme tailored to your own needs and skills that allows you to learn as much as possible in a short space of time. You will gain a sound understanding of Kung Fu techniques and reap the benefits in increased combat efficiency, good health and spiritual fulfillment.

You will learn from experienced Kung Fu Masters, in one-to-one sessions or with a small group of no more than six students. Training methods and group composition will be carefully matched to your proficiency and requirements. This approach ensures high-quality teaching on a personal level, and an intimate and supportive atmosphere.

Visitors looking simply for a beautiful and calming retreat are also welcome to stay and enjoy Holm Garden health and wellness centre.

Luxurious double and single bedrooms, all with air-conditioning

  • Fully equipped gym
  • On-site badminton court
  • Expert resident Masters of Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Optional Yoga or Pilates classes
  • Daily shuttle service to Kota Kinabalu town
  • Launderette
  • Complementary tea and coffee
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