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Tai Chi Chuan, Thailand

What we teach

r_taichichuan_018-day 40 hours Introductory Training Program in The Essential Postures of Tai Chi Chuan. The Primary focus of the class is to learn the fundamentals of posture, stance and movement.  Root the feet in order to issue energy.

Learning the fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan includes the eight basic movements found in all Tai Chi sequences, corresponding to the Eight Trigrams of the I-Ching, and developing an understanding of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, or the five basic ways energy manifests in movement. We must first train the mind and body to be responsive to the will. This is done through sitting and standing still meditation. The mind must be focused and concentrated in one direction in order to lead the chi through the body.

In Tai Chi Chuan, power comes from the mind, not strength. If the body is not relaxed the chi will not flow freely. Deep relaxation requires the mind to be led deep into the muscles, tendons and joints. In this way, the body becomes responsive to the relaxation instructions of the mind. With the mind present in the body, letting go or releasing deep tension is possible.

Course discussion topics

  • Taoist philosophy relating to Tai Chi Chuan
  • Chi/Chi Kung theory
  • Meditation application
  • Martial application
  • Integration and application of Tai Chi Chuan principals in day to day life developing your chi
  • The classics of Tai Chi Chuan:
  • “Tao Te Ching” by Lao Tsu
  • “The Tai Chi Sutras” by Chang San-feng
  • “Original Introduction” by Wang Tsung-yueh’s
  • “The Five Character Secret” by Li Lu

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