Last weekend I was rather surprised to have a couple of people from Rotorua contacting me to ask about my self-defence classes. One lady was particularly interested in the Women’s Self Defence course that I ran back in 2010; she wanted to allay her fear of violence by learning some practical self-defence skills. I was a bit tickled to hear that peo
In today's martial art world, it seems the type of arts that get the most attention are the sports schools like MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Tae Kwon Do and JuJitsu schools. I have found that although many of these schools have students (and instructors) that are technically and athletically quite good, it saddens me to see some of them have lost the
My instructor recently spent six weeks visiting family and friends in his homeland, so it was my responsibilty to instruct the childrens class while he was away. Teaching kids can be quite testing, especially keeping everyone interested and challenged at the same time! On top of that you are dealing with a variety of ages and experience. One thing
By Trevor Dicks Do We Spend Too Much Time Practising Forms? For most Taekwondo students the answer would probably be yes, because they would prefer to be doing the exciting stuff like jumping, spinning kicks, and free sparring. Perhaps after reading this information you may change your mind. There are a number of words used to describe the ‘pattern
Magazines: Paying to be featured, recognised??? I fully realise that Martial Arts Magazines have to rely on a certain amount of commercialism and adverts etc to stay afloat. Such is today's world and there's nothing wrong with that. The costs of producing a magazine must be phenomenal! But I'm not too sure about the following? What are your thought