Capoeira week one

For the past week I have been training in capoeira here in Auckland. To be specific I have been training Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa with Mestre Brabo.

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Ever so often it is inevitable to come across negative people who would critique martial arts. Some would say that what I teach is only concerned with inflicting damage on people or that I am creating panic and worry by drawing on the violence of Israel and the 2nd World War and using scaremongering to market my Krav Maga classes. Generally people who come out with such outrageous statements are not martial artists. They may have tried a martial art but soon got frustrated and gave up through lack of patience and discipline. They even may have started training with me but as soon as full contact drills came into play decided that Krav Maga simply was not for them and they would sooner invest their time in a less challenging activity.


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Goal setting in BJJ

I came across this blog while surfing the net. I thought it was worth re-publishing here. For more info go to

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