It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.


My life feels like it's on hold...

So I've just recently moved to a new city, closer to family and friends.  This is a great fact about my life right now.  I have a girlfriend, who I've been seeing for almost a year, and I have a great job.  Everything is great, right?  Not necessarily.

A couple weeks before this past Christmas(Dec 25, for those who don't know), I had finally had enough of this pain I had in my hands.  I went to the doctor(which I should have done a month or two sooner).  I explained to the doctor that a year ago I went in to see a doctor about the pain, which was only prevalent in one finger(my right hand, pinky finger), and he merely passed it off as a damaged ligament. But now the pain was through three fingers(right hand, pinky, "ring" and middle finger), and it was almost unbarable most of the time.  He immediately had me sent for blood tests.

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Ghandi's 7 Dangers to Human Virtue

I think this sums it all up really, what do you think?

Riding the storm of life

I came across this article and wanted to share it as I thought the author made some good points.

We do not have to go to the foot of the Himalayas to attain inner peace. We also do not need to renounce everything before attaining quietude. Instead, we can live day to day in inner quietude. If we look at all of life's experiences and their disturbing content with inner eyes, the disturbances we undergo will remain at the periphery. Deep down there will be an emotional quiet.

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“It is not because things are difficult that we dare not. It is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” – Seneca

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