It is important to identify the purpose of the training in the martial arts in order to ascertain what really drives and motivates us to train. It is not really the antagonism of combat or the sweat of the training routine rather it is about the emotions that the practice of martial arts elicits. To delve into the Zen philosophical purpose of why we train we have to look at the factors that drive us emotionally on our journey. It could be the feeling of security, health and wellbeing, personal growth and development, comradeship or maybe status or recognition; it all varies from one individual to the other.

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Walking around leafy Rotorua doing my letter drops promoting my martial arts school I was watching the trees swaying rhythmically in the wind. It dawned on me every moving object has an intrinsic rhythm as it alternates in speed and acceleration. In my mind I pictured my martial arts techniques and the recurrence of action and reaction and realized that without rhythm how stiff, hard and ineffective the techniques would be. Rhythm is what makes us sensitive to the timing, distance and changes in our fighting environment.

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Training Practices

At the start of training as discussed in the ‘Health and Fitness’ blog our objective is to gradually reach our optimum aerobic training zone. This mobilizes the body’s fatty acids into the bloodstream so that they will be burned up rather than sugar. This is achieved by starting up with light exercises and gradually building up so that the body will distribute the blood flow to the areas that need it rather than immediately diverting it from vital organs when sudden intense demands are made on the system.

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Health and Fitness

"The human body is the best picture of the human soul."


Many people seem to think that fitness implies health; however fitness and health do not always go hand in hand. The optimum balance to be achieved in health and fitness is achieved in training the metabolism. This is what dictates the quality of life and ultimately the physical destiny that we set for ourselves in developing a ripped physique.

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Seven Tips That Can Teach You How To Meditate

Many people want to learn how to meditate. There are many different techniques that you can learn, but you need the right setting and circumstances in order for you meditation to be the most effective. Here are seven of the ways to prepare yourself for meditation.

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