Yoga Exercise for Men


By Jenifer Hobson

The entire human race is divided in fact into males and females. There are so many physical, physiological, mental and emotional differences that exist between the males and females. These differences actually make the males and females as unique as they are. These gender differences are not just sexual in the orientation but they make each part of the human species unique in their own way. The general perceptions that exist between the genders and will only be highlighted here for developing a basic insight into the most fundamental differences between the genders.

An indispensable part of the discussion focuses on the fact that the overall nature has created the males to be the providers and the females to be the nurturers. This is why the basic infrastructure of the male body is much stronger than the females. The idea is not to cross paths with any ideologies or groups favouring certain some sensibilities. We shall keep the discussion here by restricted only to the basic infrastructure that defines the differences in the genders.

The essential constitution of the male body is evenly directed towards strength, vigour and vitality. This is because the basic musculature and the skeletal systems are stronger than those of the females.

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Yoga during Pregnancy

By Peter Hutch

Yoga has been used for centuries to alleviate stress and to help a person stay physically and mentally fit. Yoga is also beneficial during pregnancy as it helps the woman to stay fit and prepare of the childbirth.

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Yoga for Back Pain

By Peter Hutch

Lower back pain injuries are associated with lifting, twisting, bending, reaching, pulling and pushing actions. In order to help prevent back pain injuries, people should:

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Seven Reasons to Choose Yoga

By Craig Perkins

Yoga has been around for centuries. Embraced equally by film stars, rock stars, high powered CEOs and New Age gurus, yoga’s stress-relieving, strength-building, low impact poses appeal to a wide range of individuals and body shapes. Even beginners can see and feel a difference after just a few short weeks of practice. All arguments aside, yoga works. So why haven’t you tried it? Here are seven really good reasons why you should:

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How Well Do You Breathe?

By Aaron Hoopes

Breathing is essential to Yoga practice, yet it is often the most neglected aspect of our training as we work to perfect our posture, stance and alignment. The simple fact is that breathing is the fundamental aspect of our physical body. It is a continuous rhythm that runs throughout our whole life. The body can go for days, even weeks without food. It is able to survive two or three days without water. But it is virtually impossible to go without breathing for more than a few minutes. Without fresh oxygen to the brain the bodily systems quickly shut down and we die.

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