The hike again

Hi everybody I know I have disappaered from my blog for a long time but I am back and hope to give this thing a good go.

First bit of news it has been brought to my attention that there is a walking track the travels the length of the country and at the end of this year I intend to walk it top to bottom using as many maori methods as possible. Which means if i can make it I will use it, stone tools, flax clothing the works. This will take around 6 months and is around 3000kms.

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Ikken Hissatsu


Kid's, go play outside ... this ain't for you!

What does Ikken Hissatsu mean? 'To kill with one blow.' This is a controversial topic and there's a whole lot of stuff on the internet about it. This is just my personal take.

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The Auckland movement jam highlights

hey this was an event I got to be part of after my training in Wellington

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Final installment for the Parkour, Wellington section

Hey my name is Jory and I hitch hike the country learning new things as I go. It took a lot of blood ,sweat and tears and most of my brain power but this episode is finally out in the open. Please enjoy

Pakour! With training tips and challenges

As week four comes to a close I find myself trying to work out how to retain and improve the knowledge I have gained. Asking each instructor I was given four separate movements to focus on. In the hope that this weekend at the big parkour gathering in Auckland I will be able to keep up with everyone else.

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