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The hike again

Hi everybody I know I have disappaered from my blog for a long time but I am back and hope to give this thing a good go.

First bit of news it has been brought to my attention that there is a walking track the travels the length of the country and at the end of this year I intend to walk it top to bottom using as many maori methods as possible. Which means if i can make it I will use it, stone tools, flax clothing the works. This will take around 6 months and is around 3000kms.

So most of my training this year will be mainly for long distance walking in bare feet. 

Hopefully if all going to plan I can set up training times will martial people as I make my way from one side of nZ to the other maybe look at doing free self defence for communities as I go. So I will draw up a routine and update where I am and will be so if you are near by we can set something up. 

In other news I do teach an informal class in Wellington and I would like the majority of my blog to focus on how this class will be using the scientific method  in help uncover the principles of martial movement.  The framework of that being observe, test and share. Stance is the first principle I would like to tackle but trying not ot be bias I need your help. In the comments below please tell me what stance you adopt while fighting and why it is affective. Once I take your observations I will figure a way to test then share my findings. Maybe you can replicate the test and see if our findings are consistant. 

Train well




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Thursday, 08 December 2022

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