The Budo Code Isn't Dead

The Budo Code Isn't Dead

In today's martial art world, it seems the type of arts that get the most attention are the sports schools like MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Tae Kwon Do and JuJitsu schools. I have found that although many of these schools have students (and instructors) that are technically and athletically quite good, it saddens me to see some of them have lost the essence of the martial way. I realize this isn't all martial arts schools, but I have seen a trend that has lead many martial artists away from the true meaning of karate do.

The Martial Way, also called Budo, means "knowledge as a way to improve ones life and the life of others." Budo is a way of living and a way of dying.

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Magazines: Paying to be featured, recognised???

Magazines: Paying to be featured, recognised???I fully realise that Martial Arts Magazines have to rely on a certain amount of commercialism and adverts etc to stay afloat. Such is today's world and there's nothing wrong with that. The costs of producing a magazine must be phenomenal! But I'm not too sure about the following? What are your thoughts on this? Is it "Cheque Book Journalism?" Paying for recognition ... surely not? What does it say about those who may be "featured?" What happened to being "featured" because you had something valid, interesting, of value to say to the wider community??? Your thoughts??? Quote:Subject: Blitz Instructors Special Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 09:35:15 +1000 Hi, Thanks for your email and interest. Our expressions of interest last week was towards Masters here and abroad who are interested in our Blitz Instructors Special - Masters Edition 'Collector’s Edition' (Nov 2012). Blitz magazine’s annual special edition Instructors’ Fighting Techniques is all about giving readers the opportunity to expand their horizons. Through the insights offered by masters of many different martial arts, we hope to not only educate readers on the key elements of successful self-protection, but also on the broader benefits of martial arts training. Each year, we publish up to 40k copies of this collector’s edition which is sold over three months (Nov, Dec, Jan) and always gets SOLD OUT! The costs associated in securing your spot amongst the most practiced martial artists on the planet is below. Two Page spread– Silver Package - $1,295 1/3 – Your details, Q/A 1/3 – Up to 8x photos of your technique workshop 1/3 – Advertisement of your dojo, club or organisation Four Page spread– Gold Package - $1,995 1x Full page – Your details and Q/A 2x Full pages - Up to 8x photos of your technique workshop (per page) 1x Full page - Advertisement of your dojo, club or organisation If you are willing to commit before end of June 2012, I’ll be happy to give you the early bird prices. Two Page spread– Silver Package - $990 ( See attached 2 page-2) Four Page spread– Gold Package - $1,495 (See attached 4 page-1 and 2) Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. Kind RegardsWould you pay to be featured?

Ikken Hissatsu

ADULT STUDENTS ONLYKid's, go play outside ... this ain't for you!

What does Ikken Hissatsu mean? 'To kill with one blow.' This is a controversial topic and there's a whole lot of stuff on the internet about it. This is just my personal take.

First up, let me make it quite clear that I do not believe such a concept belongs in todays Western dojo's, especially where there are children students, for obvious reasons. For them, the more apt concept to follow would be, 'Kisshu fushin.' Literal meaning of this is, 'Demon’s hand, saint’s heart.' It's the peaceful warrior concept; a peaceful person on the outside, refraining from violent behaviour, and a warrior on the inside, with the mental toughness to handle life's problems with courage, honour and dignity.

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Surviving a Sudden Assault

WARNINGFor Senior Black-belts & Adult Students OnlyParental discretion is recommended.

In his book, Meditations on Violence, on the subject of Sudden Acts of Violence, Sgt. Rory Miller says,

"... skill at fighting is the least likely to affect your survival in a sudden assault. It's better to avoid than to run; better to run than to de-escalate; better to de-escalate than to fight; better to fight than to die.

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Training the basics

One of the main challenges around training is know when to do what for how long. Please understand that martial arts is a time expensive activity and because of that people like me who have chosen to abandon the normal to train sometimes ask for more then our students can give (because they have lives outside of the dojo). So with you working peoples in mind here are some tips on how to priorities your training outside the classroom.

1. Movement

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