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I was looking at a news article online where police officers in Australia tasered a suspect about 9 times on a CCTV recording inside the station. They were obviously using the taser as a pain compliance device. It was quite appalling to watch with the suspect screaming out as he was getting tasered over and over again surrounded by officers; it looked nothing short of torture. The article stated that the suspect was refusing to undergo a strip search.

It made me wonder whether any of the officers had any training in the use of the kubotan. I know if I had applied the kubotan on the suspect he would not be screaming out like that but grinding his teeth and tapping for me to stop, agreeing to comply with anything. Unfortunately lack of training is all too frequently seen in situations like this and when it hits the media eye the consequences are quite ugly. That is why I breathe easier as a Krav Maga instructor knowing that there is a huge demand for the skills that I teach.

I sometimes see bouncers dragging someone out in a side headlock. From past seminars work I know that the Israeli military use the side headlock as silent method of terminating a sentry by breaking the cervical vertebrae. It is probably one of the easiest ways to do so by falling backwards with the whole weight bearing down on the victim’s neck. Now imagine if the bouncer dragging the drunk out slipped on some spilled beer and fell backwards. If the unfortunate patron survived he would live out the rest of his days like Christopher Reeves.

Again lack of control and restraint training is evident in the security sector. I personally would not be happy visiting an establishment where the security had no training in correct and safe restraint technique. I was rather shocked when running one of my seminars for the hospital services to discover that the hospital security staff never had any training in control and restraint technique. This is very different to the US where a good friend of mine was a security supervisor at a hospital where they were constantly reviewing their methods and techniques. Shocked as I was, again I realized this just meant more work for me in running and organizing seminars.

A few years back there was a deadly stampede in an Illinois nightclub resulting in 21 deaths and 50 injuries. This was after the nightclub bouncers used pepper spray to break up a fight. Using pepper spray inside a busy venue to me defies all reason. I will never forget the time when someone tried to punk me in a restroom of a bar in Idaho. As the man advanced on me I promptly pepper sprayed him, kicked him in the groin and slammed his head into the urinal. Unfortunately after the melee I could barely breathe or see and the restroom and the surrounding area was unusable for an hour with the air-conditioning on full pelt.

Obviously the bouncers had never used pepper spray or trained in the use of pepper spray in a realistic setting else they would have known of the potency of OC and its tendency to linger in the air. Nothing can be a substitute for experience and training when working in a job taking care of customer safety. When I worked as a doorman we would often hold meetings to practice control and restraint and put together a game plan for any drama that may rear its ugly head. Unfortunately there are too many companies who cut corners and use untrained security just for insurance purposes.

Being affiliated to Israeli Krav International we are an organization which constantly reviews and updates our teaching material. We believe in constant never ending improvement in the field of reality based defensive tactics. Situations in combat and law enforcement constantly come under review and therefore techniques also get updated and improved. This is what separates us from your typical jujitsu, karate or aikido organization. We receive new techniques regularly to practice in class straight from Israel, sent by Moshe Katz, our organizational president. Anyone seeking seminar work or private training can contact our organization to discuss our costs.



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Monday, 06 February 2023

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