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Circle Of The Earth

Working with school kids has presented new opportunities for me as well as challenges. There is the organization and business savvy from running a martial arts school specializing in two distinct styles. There is the challenge of teaching kids survival skills from my favourite sport, teaching a new discipline as well as lecturing about being good citizens and never using the skills taught to them in the wrong way.

In the past my organization has done exclusive work with women’s self defence, security and corporate training as well as Krav Maga classes. I have now made Taekwondo classes a regular schedule at Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy. Being a coach and a martial arts instructor carries with it a responsibility in instilling good habits in my students and of being able to talk and convey my ideas and to change and influence people both during class time as well as using blogs.

During the ill-fated work contract whilst staying in Wellington I have a met a number of Israelis visiting the country. I remember a couple of young women pointed out that I had Hebrew lettering on my sweatshirt. I explained that I am a Krav Maga instructor and this is the logo of my school. Both the ladies, being proud Israelis were exuberant to meet a Krav Maga instructor in New Zealand. One of them explained that she was a fitness and hand to hand instructor in the army and showed me her unit sweatshirt which she was wearing. I met a couple more Israelis during my stay in Wellington who also complemented me on the work I am doing here in New Zealand promoting Israeli martial arts and my Hebrew.

My IT project in Wellington came to a sudden end and I am once again back in the job market. However this year has brought about earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, nuclear disasters, riots and civil wars. My Maori friends have told me that this is due to an imbalance in the Earth’s life-field. The Earth is looking to rebalance itself and detoxify itself of physical and psychic pollutants. I heed the Maori mysticism and wonder as humans whether we are the cure or the cause of the earth’s disease; only the future will tell. I rise to new challenges and opportunities with new classes, schedules, training venues, seminars, demonstrations and other promotional work. I do what feels right, it makes earth sense; it aligns with my own inner truths about life, nature and humanity. Through developing moral character, discipline and self respect we martial artists bind like the root systems holding together the earth.



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Monday, 06 February 2023

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