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Ever so often it is inevitable to come across negative people who would critique martial arts. Some would say that what I teach is only concerned with inflicting damage on people or that I am creating panic and worry by drawing on the violence of Israel and the 2nd World War and using scaremongering to market my Krav Maga classes. Generally people who come out with such outrageous statements are not martial artists. They may have tried a martial art but soon got frustrated and gave up through lack of patience and discipline. They even may have started training with me but as soon as full contact drills came into play decided that Krav Maga simply was not for them and they would sooner invest their time in a less challenging activity.


One thing I could say which comes from my own personal beliefs is that martial arts teach respect. Respect starts with the self; if someone does not respect themselves it is very unlikely they will respect anybody else. This is precisely why I have made Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy’s Taekwondo classes an affordable $5 per session; to provide activity for youngsters from the lower income neighbourhoods and to give them the opportunity to take up the Olympic sport of Taekwondo. Many Krav Maga schools in the USA and Europe run a special kids program but as a Taekwondo black belt I decided to run a Taekwondo program for youths and adults. I think a traditional Asian style like Taekwondo has a lot of focus on discipline as well as giving youngsters the opportunity to compete in an Olympic sport.

Running Taekwondo classes at Rotorua intermediate school has given me a sense of contribution in doing something for the community and bringing Taekwondo to children who may otherwise not have had exposure to this dynamic and graceful art. I fail to see any negativity in what I teach but rather of improving the Rotorua community as a whole. Most females who attended my women’s self defence seminar hopefully no longer feel overwhelmed by frustration and fear. My courses for security professionals focused specifically on techniques and tactics that work in a live situation, most of it is scrappy and politically incorrect; self defence Israeli style.

These who critique my views and my teachings want to develop good martial arts skills but probably the closest they have ever got to doing so is jamming on their game consoles, eating junk food whilst depriving their minds and bodies of the fuel to spark new growth. Those who criticize Krav Maga fail to realize that Christians, Jews and Muslims interact in a positive way on a daily basis. However the problem is that there are individuals who take advantage of this. Rather than dwelling on the worst case scenario I am encouraging people to have fun whilst training the body and mind and focussing on the solution to many common situations.



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Friday, 30 September 2022

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