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Custom style name

Hey peoples

I have brainstormed many names but I need help deciding which.
To those who read please vote on the best sounding one.
I have half picked delta and corrupted response, but I figure any of them sounds pretty good.

Hybrid Response-??????????? - haiburiddo resuponsu

Vital Response-????? - j?y? na ?t?

Death bringer- ????- shi wo hakobu

Altered Response- ???? - ?t? henka

* hook line sinker - ?????????? – fukkurainshink?

delta response- ?????? -deruta no ?t?

caber force- ???- maruta ryoku

brutal response- ?????- zan'nin na ?t?

mirror move - ????? - mir? id?

corrupted response- ?????? - hason shi te ?t?

iron force- ??? - tetsu no chikara

altered response - ???? - ?t? henka

defying reality - ????? - genjitsu ni idomu

This is pretty much for fancy tactics, not so much for an official style yet. The only perspectives it takes on is reacting/responding a second after an opponents attack and weaving around/though to then launch an attack on them.



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Thursday, 29 September 2022

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