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Japanese Terms for Fighting Strategy

The following expressions originate from Japanese swordsmanship but apply to kumite also.

KEN NO SEN - Seizing the initiative. To move in quick and strong, attacking first before opponent is ready.

GO NO SEN - Allowing the opponent to attack first defending and then countering.

SEN NO SEN - Attacking at the exact moment as the opponent to seize the initiative. Involves a simultaneous block and strike (performed in one count).

SEN SEN NO SEN - Pre-empt the opponent attack by striking a split second earlier.

YU NO SEN - Testing the opponent defences by shifting and changing position, catching him wrong footed in order to create an opening and then attacking.

TAI NO SEN - Allowing the opponent to attack first, drawing him in by presenting a target, defending against the expected attack and countering quickly.

Courtesy of SEKU



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