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Magazines: Paying to be featured, recognised???

I fully realise that Martial Arts Magazines have to rely on a certain amount of commercialism and adverts etc to stay afloat. Such is today's world and there's nothing wrong with that. The costs of producing a magazine must be phenomenal!

But I'm not too sure about the following?

What are your thoughts on this?

Is it "Cheque Book Journalism?"

Paying for recognition ... surely not?

What does it say about those who may be "featured?"

What happened to being "featured" because you had something valid, interesting, of value to say to the wider community???

Your thoughts???

Subject: Blitz Instructors Special
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 09:35:15 +1000


Thanks for your email and interest.

Our expressions of interest last week was towards Masters here and abroad who are interested in our Blitz Instructors Special - Masters Edition 'Collector’s Edition' (Nov 2012).

Blitz magazine’s annual special edition Instructors’ Fighting Techniques is all about giving readers the opportunity to expand their horizons. Through the insights offered by masters of many different martial arts, we hope to not only educate readers on the key elements of successful self-protection, but also on the broader benefits of martial arts training.

Each year, we publish up to 40k copies of this collector’s edition which is sold over three months (Nov, Dec, Jan) and always gets SOLD OUT!

The costs associated with securing your spot amongst the most practised martial artists on the planet is below:

  • Two Page spread– Silver Package - $1,295
  • 1/3 – Your details, Q/A
  • 1/3 – Up to 8x photos of your technique workshop
  • 1/3 – Advertisement of your dojo, club or organisation
  • Four Page spread– Gold Package - $1,995
  • 1x Full page – Your details and Q/A
  • 2x Full pages - Up to 8x photos of your technique workshop (per page)
  • 1x Full page - Advertisement of your dojo, club or organisation
  • If you are willing to commit before end of June 2012, I’ll be happy to give you the early bird prices.
  • Two Page spread– Silver Package - $990 ( See attached 2 page-2)
  • Four Page spread– Gold Package - $1,495 (See attached 4 page-1 and 2)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

Kind Regards

Would you pay to be featured?



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