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Systema Seminar - November

I’ve been so busy. A couple of gym sessions, Tai Chi on Friday. Then a two day Systema seminar this weekend, just massive. Unfortunately meant I couldn’t train Uechi on Sunday morning :(

The instructor was Adam Vounoridis from Melbourne Systema, has trained with Vassiliev and Kevin Secours, and others. Excellent, enthusiastic instructor. I cant possibly remember all  the stuff we did over the two days, just a huge amount of amazing material.

Started with some body-connection stuff. Breathe, relax, move. Then broke down the fundamental Systema ground movements into manageable bits to learn and put them back together - rifle rolling, circle-turning, leg threading, scissor turns etc. A lot of time on “joint-stirring”. Lots of time on how to manipulate the partners body to take down. Lots of time on being taken down, going down with intent and control. The fundamentals revisited.  Doing damage as you leave/get away. Falling practice. Flow practice. Positional stuff (“its good to get to the outside”).  A little clinch work and even some underhooking. A nice chunk on Systema striking, ended up being a conditioning sesion as well. Even face slapping. Finally some scenario work and discussion about chemical cocktail, psychological preparation etc.

So so much.  A completely principle-based, progressive, layered learning experience. Seriously challenging in places. Just awesome, my only complaint really that I needed much more time to work on everything. But we can keep revising and experimenting with it all in the months to come.

I think it was all stuff  that IUPA Uechi could or does use. Nice.



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Wednesday, 07 June 2023

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