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Year's Parting Shot

It has been a dynamic year for Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy with seminars, gradings, media exposure, blogging, organizing course and seminar content and the general running of the school has presented plenty of challenges and growth for me as an instructor. I have had some students make good progress and advancement. Consistency is the key as mentioned previously. The mental aspects of combat need to be practiced as well as the techniques to ingrain the indomitable spirit in the subconscious.


To get what you want out of Krav Maga like any other aspect of life you have to put in some effort and work. Make certain to make the time and effort in learning the material. It cost me much more than the class training fees and certainly cost those who developed the system even more. I put myself in a position so I can share what others are looking for; confronting their fears, doubts, vulnerabilities and being able to fight back.


The system is a product of empirical and anecdotal evidence from the ghettos of Nazi occupied Europe and the deadly streets of the Middle East. I sometimes wonder how many soldiers and civilians shed their blood to acquire these techniques and tactics. What I teach is a system of last resort for dangerous encounters from which you can’t walk or talk away. I call my school Indomitable Mind Body Combat Academy because without the proper mental attitude and mind-body connection hesitation to apply the techniques could cost you your life.


For many Israelis military service is not a matter of glamour or status. Real fighting is simply about getting the job done, it is fast, brutal and often bloody. Often the pain is not just physical; it is also psychological with the latter scars taking long time if ever to heal. My own cousins did not even want to tell me about their experience saying that it is far from the type of thing that you see on the big screen. However if the situation to use Krav Maga arises you simply need to go in fast, hard and with extreme prejudice.


I have trained hard to be in a position to teach, but I have to admit I don’t have all the answers. I have seen a bit, done a bit, learned a bit, probably more than many instructors out there. I can only relay across the way I see it. In my time on the doors and on this earth I have seen and dealt with more than my fair share of violence. I can give my own personal take on using Krav Maga in security work or self defence. By all means don’t just take my word for it, go out and give it a go yourself and see how it fits in with your own personality. This is my parting shot for the year. Happy New Year!



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Monday, 06 February 2023

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