In training it is not uncommon to run into a number of hurdles. One of the major ones could be your inner self. I have learned that the more I would challenge myself and overcome my own mental hurdles the more control I would gain over my mind. With the goal being complete self control with an iron will and indomitable spirit. With overcoming obstacles comes enlightenment as to deal with difficult challenges often I had to dissect myself and recognize my own weaknesses in order to confront and overcome them.

Obstacles in training are all reasons to give in and nearly always are encountered when one begins to gain some competence in the system. Realizing the obstacles for what they are and the benefits to be gained from overcoming them will help immensely in the fighter’s journey. I find there are three types of impediments, the tangible ones, the intangible ones and the silly ones.

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I was looking at a news article online where police officers in Australia tasered a suspect about 9 times on a CCTV recording inside the station. They were obviously using the taser as a pain compliance device. It was quite appalling to watch with the suspect screaming out as he was getting tasered over and over again surrounded by officers; it looked nothing short of torture. The article stated that the suspect was refusing to undergo a strip search.

It made me wonder whether any of the officers had any training in the use of the kubotan. I know if I had applied the kubotan on the suspect he would not be screaming out like that but grinding his teeth and tapping for me to stop, agreeing to comply with anything. Unfortunately lack of training is all too frequently seen in situations like this and when it hits the media eye the consequences are quite ugly. That is why I breathe easier as a Krav Maga instructor knowing that there is a huge demand for the skills that I teach.

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Tuesday Systema

October 6th, 2010 by heretic

Started with a walking-breathing drill  – five of us walking quite quickly and continuously in a circle, breathing in and out on consecutive steps, then two steps per inhale and exhale, building up to 8 steps and back down. Then holding the breath while walking. Then the leader has to hold their breath and head off at a faster pace until they catch up with the end of the  group. Then the same but have to exhale all the  air first – surprisingly stressful, which of course was the whole point.

Then putting increasing, sgifting pressure on your partner lying on the ground. Worst place is the thigh. Have to breath and relax through. The the same, have to feel the pressure and roll away staying close. Then same with various side mount positions, turns into a kind of tumbling drill.

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October 2nd, 2010 by heretic

Haven’t trained all week, at all, can’t count Intuflow in the shower lolol. I’ve had a cold and the end of the quarter is frenetic at my work – many 12 hour days, mentally exhausted. Financially good but work plays havoc with the training….

So today I was just so pleased to get to the park.

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