Auckland seminar

So I have been in Auckland less then a week and I was thinking about doing a seminar on the thing I do best, simple self defense.

Simple self defense is about working with the natural movements of an untrained or unconditioned body as the frame work for the self defense technique. And applying general principles rather then situation based techniques. While learning to stay loose and relaxed. 

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Chi magic

I have a fond memory of a flat mate of mine helping me with some computer problems I was having, he was studying computer science at the time and I asked him a question about how it works. Not feeling like explaining the complex details knowing that I wouldn't get it anyway, he simple said "it's magic Jory". 

This I fear is the general attitude towards the concept of chi, the people of today tend to talk about it as an unseen magical force. And when it is explained with this way it ends up being as helpful as someone explaining that a computer runs because of magic.  

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Custom Style - Next Milestone

Since the last blog, I have gained some distance in progress. Still have a long way to go.

Name chosen: Juyo Na Oto, Japanese for Vital Response

Progress: Prototyping disciplines and trademark weapons

Out of what I have researched and put to the test i have developed the following disciplines:


Working on dditions/replacements. Only thought of things like speed, pendulum, infinite, momentum...basic perspectives of attack. 
The weapons is still a working progress. By default, the infamous Bochete™ resides with this style. First test of obtuse designing resulted in the "Dragon Tail"... prototype didn't work out. One theory yet to be tested is the "Tonfa Lance". Involves 6 1/2 ft (approx) staff with Tonfa style struts either end, pointing opposite directions.

Feel free to suggest improvements, anything goes at this point.

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Ghost Hound

self defense

So for the past few years I have focused a lot on what to teach people who don't want to learn martial arts, how to defend themselves without the training and conditioning of a martial artist. Something simple and easy that works within the range of their movement that they do everyday. I enjoy what I teach because its flexible and the focus is on general principals rather then specific situations and technique. Unfortunately no matter how simple it is nothing beats good training. So this course really is to make people more aware and increase the odds of never being in the bad situation in the first place. And maybe just maybe help those people who have no idea about martial arts a chance to give it a go.  

As you all know I will be hitch hiking around New Zealand. 

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The hike!!

So way back last year I had an idea of how to promote self defense to all. This involves making a nation wide hitch hike, stopping in as many towns as I can, teaching self defense (not martial arts) to the public and training and profiling Martial arts teachers as I go.

All this will be done through the magic of you tube and  weekly blogs on this site. IF you know of any groups who would be interested in having me please let me know!

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