Custom style name

Hey peoples

I have brainstormed many names but I need help deciding which.
To those who read please vote on the best sounding one.
I have half picked delta and corrupted response, but I figure any of them sounds pretty good.

Hybrid Response-??????????? - haiburiddo resuponsu

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Back in action

Hello people of the martial world 

I am back in the land of the net and ready to blog . At this point in time I am preparing to leave for the India where I will be training in the oldest style of all eastern Martial arts. My preparations include making the money to fund my travels with some seasonal work (this week apple picking), conditioning my body for the training by way of yoga and capoeira (flexibility is the main focus) and working on making my 24kg backpack that has all my worldly possession into a 15kg without getting rid of my guitar and having enough clothes to be socially acceptable.

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Ten No Kata

or, Kata of the Universe was developed Funakoshi Sensei that can be added to your daily practice, good for warming up or polishing kihon and requires very little space.

[video: 425 x 344]

Self defence or line of work?

Back in the 1980's a four part interview was published in the well known Magazine "Fighting Arts International"

The man interviewed was a New Zealander by the name of Gary Spiers, his story was one of the best articles I had ever read

Gary Spiers was a very well known martial artist in other countries, I say "was" because he unfortunately passed away 

Below is the webpage address to the complete article courtesy of CQB Services based in the UK,  if you have the time please read it, I would appreciate your comments and thoughts

Did you know Gary Spiers or have an opportunity to train with him?

Mark Waters

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