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Ok so Ive been trying to sort out my hitch hike around the country, when a very rare opportunity came my way.  I will be holding off my tour of the country in order to train myself. Because in May I will be going to India to learn one of the oldest styles of martial arts still practiced Kalari payattu!! 

For those of you who have never heard of it Ill show you a link, but it is crazy and hard out and I've been stretching every day  so I can keep up. 

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Hey everyone I am sorry I haven't been blogging lately, I have been super busy sorting things out for my future plans, I have some exciting news that I would like to share. Number one I will be in Auckland the first weekend of October  doing seminars the whole weekend, still got to sort out where abouts we will be but hopefully I'll sort that before its too late. I'll be looking at self defense principals which is a subject dare to my heart. Covering insecure holds, secure holds and ground escapes. I'll try to come up and few times before the end of the year and will let you know when and where the next set are also.

Secondly I am looking at doing a hitch hiking tour of the country next year for a whole year, going from town to town meeting groups to train with for at least 2 months, interviewing how martial arts effects peoples lives and seeing the similarities in all styles, cos the theory is we all do the same thing, only the intention or purpose changes, the principals are all the same. I'll be funding this tour by teaching self defense to the general public but mostly being a martial bum.

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by Rob Redmond - August 13, 2006 (

A man who shall remain nameless wrote to ask:

"I’ll be in a tournament in about 3 weeks. Doing a kata form, weapons form and sparring. Got the kata and weapon forms down and feel pretty good about sparring. Still feel pretty jittery though. Any ideas how to over come this?"

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Nemesis Defeated!

It's probably marginally misleading to claim a couple of blocks of concrete as a nemesis... I mean it's not like they kicked my dog or raped my sister. Still, they've been mocking me for weeks now with their strong and sturdy construction designed for paving stones.

 (look at the damn's practially laughing at me!) 

I however, had the last laugh!

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