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Hwa Rang Do

Hwa Rang Do, teaches that in order to attain maximum human potential, one must attain a state of balance and maintain harmony with natural laws of the universe. The theory of Um-Yang states that in nature there is co-existence of polar dichotomies. For every one, there is an equal opposite. Hwa Rang Do, is a combination of UM (soft/circular movement) and YANG (hard/linear movement), making it one of the most diversified and comprehensive martial arts to be found in the world.

hwarangdoIt’s study integrates the spiritual, mental, and physical disciplines enabling its practitioners to realize their full potential in all areas of life. The techniques are derived in accord with the principles of Um-Yang.

Three Elements of Um, the essence of Hwa Rang Do, soft techniques:

  • Yu - soft, fluid force of flowing water. The power of Yu is deceptive; relenting under force; it draws its attack into its own stream of power and re-directs it.
  • Won - is movement in circular directions. Its power may be seen in the rock at the end of a sling, or the power developed from a spinning motion.
  • Hwa - as the third element of Um, it represents unity and combination.

Three Elements of Yang, the essence of Hwa Rang Do, hard techniques:

  • Kang - is hard like steel or stone. Its power is illustrated in the form of a closed fist in a thrust punch or a straight front kick.
  • Kak - means angles. Its form is found in the correct angle of the joint when applying breaking and throwing techniques or straight angular blocks.
  • Kan - means maintaining proper dis-tance. It is the opposite aspect of Hwa or combination and its form is found in understanding the distance between two opponents.

Hwa Rang Do, teaches both the martial art (moo-sul) and healing art (in-sul). If one is able to injure or worse, then he/she should know how to heal as well, once again maintaining harmony through balance of opposites.



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