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Mowie Di Do

Mowie Di Do is an American created Mixed Martial Art form which combines Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, Boxing, Savate, Wing chun techniques, Judo, Freestyle wrestling, Grappling, Kenpo applications (Ed Parker’s), Muay Thai, Arnis (Weapons such as Sinawali) and Jujutsu techniques.

Mowie Di Do started as basic self-defense style combining judo and boxing techniques. The creator wanted an effective but easy martial art form that grows and grows with each practice, making the practitioner more and more confident with each movement. In other words; “whatever technique you are training, it’s the technique that would be the foremost used in combat. Others are secondary. Just defeat the enemy without compassion or respect.” It stresses more boxing, muay thai and savate methods in a striker format.

Mowie Di Do has no katas, since the creator felt they hinder the student’s ability to focus on the task on hand. Then there’s Militant Mowie which combines each and almost every aspect of military tactics -- the goal, survive and kill if need be. The creator theorized the style can absorb other martial arts styles as required and can be on par with some of the finest Special Ops fighting forms. MDD is very dangerous, therefore it requires extensive study, continual practise and an excellent attitude.



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Tuesday, 04 October 2022

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