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Stav (pronounced st-arv) has been described as European Tai Chi and Viking Kung Fu.

stavStav is a traditional system maintained by the Norwegian family Hafskjold for over 44 generations. It is designed to improve mind, body, and spirit. It is said the system has been practiced since 500 AD so it certainly is not a new style developed from the African or Eastern styles.

While these descriptions do not cover the scope of Stav they perhaps give a taste of what can be gained. The core of Stav is 16 stances or body postures. These are combined with breathing exercises to give gentle, non-impact exercise to tone and relax.

This is where the Tai Chi reference comes in. However, these stances, with the breathing techniques, can also be combined in a martial arts aspect that is very effective and again does not put excessive stress and strain on the body. The full range of Stav builds into a system to exercise the body and mind and helps bring into balance the turmoil of the modern world.



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Friday, 30 September 2022

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