Putting the Fancy to Flight

What has always bothered me about the many people involved in martial arts is that their style becomes almost like a religion, where they refuse to think outside their own discipline. The emergence of MMA as a mainstream event has remedied some of this wrong thinking however I still often come across many martial artists who refuse to accept that they may end up having to grapple or may get taken down. Krav Maga deals with all situations encountered in MMA as well as much more. In my classes I go over easy, effective defences for situations involving striking, grappling, ground fighting and weapon attacks.

I often wonder whether there would be the same demand for self defence and reality martial arts if the lessons of violence and punishment had the power to change people. The fact of the matter is that perpetrators easily forget the pain of violence; driving the increasing demand for quality self-defence training, security and policing. Having an effective response to an assault enables people to have better control of their lives without being overwhelmed or shutdown by violence. This is the solution which Krav Maga delivers.

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