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Iaito Sword

The Iaito Sword - Japanese Iaido Sword

If you practice Iaido in a Dojo or want to have an art piece standing on your desk the iaito sword is the the best choice.

iaitoswordReal katana “shinken” are very expensive and rare. You can find real katana but they are mostly not made in Japan. So if you want something that is an art form, affordable, last years, great for practicing iaido and made in japan, then you should get an Iaito sword.

Japanese iaito are made of an aluminium-zinc alloy, which is often cheaper and lighter than steel and it’s less dangerous. This use of alloy and a blunt edge also meets the Japanese legal requirement that restricts the manufacture of swords.

Iaito are intended for practice of Iaido and are not suited for any type of cutting. You can find faithful reproductions of real katana with authentic weight, shape, similarly high-quality finish and fittings. Iaito may even have a mock hamon (the temper line of a tempered steel blade)



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Tuesday, 04 October 2022

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