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Kusari-fundo is a weighted short chain weapon that is closely-related to the kusarigama in application.

kusarifundoIt is a close range weapon, approximately 46–76 cm in length. It is generally constructed of a non-reflective etched steel chain or thick rope for training purposes.

This flexible weapon can be used to strike, snare, or entangle an assailant or their weapon.

It is rumored that the kusari-fundo was invented to disarm, disable or kill attackers of the imperial castle without bloodshed, as it was considered hallowed ground.

As with the kusari-gama and kyoketsu-shoge, striking attacks with the kusari-fundo utilise the very end of the weight in motion in order to generate the most leverage and impact.

Striking trajectories include:
Tenchi furi: Rising or falling vertical strikes;
Yoko furi: Inward or outward horizontal strikes;
Happo furi: Inward or outward diagonal strikes; and
Naka furi: Forward shooting strikes.



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