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Throwing knives

Almost from the very beginning of Egyptian history, daggers were adorned as ceremonial objects with golden hilts and later even more ornate and varied construction.

knivesUntil recently military officers wore ceremonial daggers as a symbol of power and soldiers are still equipped with combat knifes. There are as many styles and types of knives as there are purposes. Throwing knives are used more for sport and recreation. Similar to the game, darts... throwing knives are thrown at a target some distance away. Their special design makes throwing knives fly further and faster than an ordinary knife. Many throwing knives seem to have an almost aerodynamic design to the blade.

Throwing knives come in many sizes and shapes. Most often seen is the knife about 15-20cm in length with a 10-12cm blade. Throwing Knives can also be small... no bigger than 10cm in total length and used like a dart. Blades are often extremely pointed so that the tip will go straight to it’s target. Another popular blade style is the blade shaped like an arrowhead. Most blades are made of stainless steel. The great majority of throwing knives come with a sheath included.



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Wednesday, 07 December 2022

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