Escrima sticks

Kali, Escrima, and Arnis are the terms for the fighting arts of the Philippines. Kali is a South Term, Escrima more Central, and Arnis is from the North.

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The Kama are Japanese and Chinese weapons that resemble the traditional farming sickle.

The sickle, implemented as a redesigned weapon form, was called a natagama and a large version is seen with the Grim Reeper. The kama is used to parry and cut an enemy from a distance before the final Kama strike was administered.

The forms today used in the martial arts classrooms have little or nothing to do with the original weapon and its historical techniques in battle. It is used with extreme skill to trap and parry even a sword yielding opponent. It is a lethal looking weapon that has no rival in instilling fear in an opponent and is made famous due to its apearance in many Ninja films.


Nunchaku are a martial arts weapon for self defense and martial arts training whether for competitions or attack prevention.

nunchakuThe nunchaku was originally a short flail used to thresh rice (separate the grain from the husk) in Russia and consisted of two unequal lengths of hardwood connected by a cord made of horse hair. Its development as a weapon grew out of the moratorium on edged weaponry under the shoguns due to their restrictive policy of weapons control. Warlords ruled in the ancient orient and after they banned the use of such weapons as the gun, sword, and spear, the public turned to Karate and Kobu-Do for protection.

The use of Nunchaku also grew. The art of stick fighting with Nunchakus, has lasted through centuries and is today practiced by people throughout the world. No longer used as a weapon substitute due to a lack of weapons, Nunchakus have stood the test of time due to their effectiveness, lightweightness and affordability! The modern nunchaku has been modified for its use as a weapon and would make a relatively ineffective rice flail.

A nunchaku is two sections of wood (or metal in modern incarnations) connected by a cord or chain. The designs and styles of Nunchaku are just as long and colorful as their history! The modern Nunchaku have octagonal (hakkakukei) or round (maru-gata) wooden handles of equal length connected by a length of rope or chain. The traditional nunchaku were made from a strong, flexible hardwood such as oak, loquat or pasania. Originally, the wood would be submerged in mud for several years, where lack of oxygen and optimal acidity prevent rotting. The end result is a hardened wood.

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Tonfa are a martial arts weapon for self defense and martial arts training whether for competitions or attack prevention.

The poor people of Okinawa were forbidden to own or carry weapons like swords, but they were often attacked by others who did have such weapons. And so an exploration of self-defence techniques with new hidden weapons for self-defense began. The Tonfa is a martial arts fighting stick from the kobudo discipline which is the Okinawan art of fighting with weapons made or taken from everyday objects.

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The Jo or the short stick

The history of the short stick or jo is allied to one of the most moving stories concerning the martial arts.

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