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The Origins of Shaolin Kung Fu

The origin of Shaolin Kung Fu is generally credited to an Indian monk named Tat Moh, who is also sometimes known as Boddhidharma. He began life as a prince in Southern India, but became a devoted Buddhist, renouncing his royal heritage to take up the simple lifestyle of a monk. He traveled widely, spreading the teachings of Buddhism. Eventually he rose to become the 28th patriarch of India.

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Common Phrases/Terms

Onegai Shimasu – Will you please teach me (at the beginning of each session)

Domo arigato gozaimashita – Thank you very much (at the end of each session)

Recently I read a book and also watched a movie called “127 Hours”. The storyline is a harrowing account of Aron Ralston, a mountaineer who got his right arm trapped under a boulder in a remote canyon in Utah. This is a story of a man who was trapped and frightened. He was frightened to stay where he was, knowing the chances of any rescue finding him alive to be slim; he was frightened to free himself by cutting through his own trapped limb with a dull blade of his multi-tool.

Watching my students go over their patterns in my Taekwondo class one would give me a tentative glance another would let out a cursory ‘err... ’ as they would perform the exercise. I advised my students that martial arts are not a team sport, to never worry about what anybody else thinks but focus purely on the execution of their flow. Glancing at a judge in a patterns competition is almost always an indication of uncertainty; likewise when facing an adversary in sparring the winner is the one who focuses on his own attacking strategy and dictates the pace of the bout. Martial arts are one of those activities which are all about you, where the focus of the training is on enhancement of the self.

This week one of my Maori friends came to visit and was playing on my computer when we got into a heated conversation about which civilization invented the Special Forces. My friend told me that way before the white man even conceived the use of Special Forces his people used key warriors tasked with eliminating enemy chiefs and messengers. These men would attack using a flexible and independent command infrastructure. There were also Maori berserker units, matataki-a-whiro, who would carry out suicide missions with no regard for their own personal safety.

Three weeks have pasted and this is my last week with Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa and I have to figure out what it is I want to take away from my training. At the moment I am leaning toward the instruments of capoeira and here is why.

Ok so I know I said I would talk about the instruments of capoeira but I have just finished a class where the importance of the songs came up.

hey this was an event I got to be part of after my training in Wellington

For the past week I have been training in capoeira here in Auckland. To be specific I have been training Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa with Mestre Brabo.

Hey my name is Jory and I hitch hike the country learning new things as I go. It took a lot of blood ,sweat and tears and most of my brain power but this episode is finally out in the open. Please enjoy

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