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Dojo Kun - Be Faithful

Dojo Kun - literal translation means "training hall rules". There are five main rules that serve as guiding principles for all who train in the dojo. Although they are usually listed in a set order, no one rule is more important than any other. To emphasise this all five are prefixed with hitotsu and end with koto, which together mean "one point".One Point! Be FaithfulHitotsu! Makato no michi o mamoru koto.

 Below is a list of the Shotokan kata and their meanings:Shotokan KataHeian Shodan – (peaceful mind, first level)Heian Nidan – (peaceful mind, second level)Heian Sandan – (peaceful mind, third level)Heian Yondan – (peaceful mind, fourth level)Heian Godan – (peaceful mind, fifth level)