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What You Need to Know About Acai Berry

There is a global invasion of acai berry products, both online and offline. Formerly tagged as a wonder fruit for its anti-aging benefits, manufacturers and distributors now claim that acai berries also play a big role in weight loss. The biggest consumers of acai berry products now include fitness instructors, athletes, and people with medical problems involving obesity.

Why Is Weight Loss Necessary?
acaiberryWe eat a significant more amount of junk food and trans fat compared to three decades ago. Do you see your mothers 24-inch waistline? That took an effortless fruit and oatmeal diet to pull off. One of the reasons why losing weight is often a challenge is because it’s hard to resist the temptation for burgers and sodas, especially when the establishments sit just around the corner. So when the media complains about the need for people to lose weight, it’s actually less of a sales pitch and more of a question about image building. A huge chunk of it has to do with health.

Imagine gulping down two burgers in a week, about two boxes of pizza, seven huge bottles of soda, and a gallon of ice cream. You’re probably going to think: 10 lbs more this week! Well, that’s true too, but even more importantly, it can spell out clogged arteries, brain and/or heart stroke, diabetes, cancer, etc. In other words, more than just busting your zippers, you’re also at the risk of killing yourself.

Age Old Weight Loss Advice
You already know that we’re going to suggest diet and exercise for you to regain your health. That’s the basics, but there’s a secret to faster and healthier weight loss. Some manufacturers can try to lure you in with chemical laxatives that do nothing but purge your body of excess water. However, the last thing you want is to get sick because of dehydration. An acai berry supplement or juice can help aid you in losing weight faster than any other magic berry or red wine. This is scientifically proven too, so there’s no need for you to worry about fluff.

Nutritional Make Up Of Acai Berry
In its most potent form, acai berry has 10 times the anthocyanin level found in red wine, and twice the antioxidants found in blueberries. In other words, you don’t need to worry about side effects, because no one messed with the make up of acai berries to give you all the benefits. You’re only getting the benefit you need from natural fruit intake, only in a more concentrated form.

Anthocyanin is the reason why the French, despite their huge cheese intake, haven’t all suffered from heart attacks yet. This is because they drink a lot of red wine too, which, in recent studies, has shown to contain fat eliminators called anthocyanin. For people who are allergic to alcohol and can’t drink red wine, an acai berry is the perfect solution. Aside from being free from alcohol, it’s also more potent that red grapes.

The value of antioxidants in our diets can’t be stressed enough. It helps flush out the free radicals in our bodies than can cause the formation of cancer cells. Acai berry is also high in fiber (every berry has approximately 14% of fiber) and it promotes good, healthy digestion. It’s also a high source of vitamin A, E, C and D, which makes your purchase well worth the money you spent for it.

Can You Buy Fresh Acai?
You can’t buy fresh acai berries unless you live in the Amazon, which is least likely the case if you’re browsing the internet right now. When you buy acai berry in supplement form, make sure that you’re buying freeze dried whole products, not extracts nor spray dried ones. These other processes make acai berry lose all its healthy characteristics. You may be able to find frozen pulps in health stores which are good for smoothies, but you may also find that they’re pricier. Never buy acai berry products with seeds, because they have no proven nutritional purposes yet. Seeds are only mostly used for jewelry or fuel, so don’t let yourselves be fooled by manufacturers who try to sell acai seeds as weight loss products.

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