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Recovery Secrets

In the last few months I have had a few of my students off through injury. In this blog I will share my insight into treating sprains and common injuries encountered in martial arts training. I find the classic method of applying ice every 10-15 minutes on the hour to the sore joints and elevating the limb well above the heart works wonders. This will drastically reduce swelling.

Factors that will optimize recovery are flexibility, weight training, cardio and nutrition. Injuries that commonly occur are strains and sprains. A strain is injury to the muscle whereas a sprain is injury to the ligament. When the body is injured, it bleeds internally and this is what causes the stiffness and pain. Immobilization of the limb greatly contributes to the stiffness, which is why flexibility is so important for recovery; a fully functioning joint is less likely to have underlying scar tissue and adhesion.

It is best to use a combination of dynamic and static stretching to restore normal movement. Each method of stretching plays a distinct and important role in the recovery process. Once the range of movement is restored, weight training should be used. When training with weight, light weight should be used with full control in the negative phase and the positive push phase, again using the full range of motion.

At the same time as doing weights, you can also start cardio for the uninjured muscle groups by using the swimming pool or depending on the injury; exercises in non-compressive manner such as climbers or elliptical machines will increase circulation to the injured area and expedite recovery.

It is important to consume plenty of both dietary and supplementary proteins for your body’s repair process. When you combine the formula of flexibility, weight training, cardio conditioning and nutrition you have the best formula for a speedy recovery from sports injury. Every person is unique, so is every injury. Don’t just listen to your friends, seek sports medical diagnosis, follow a custom exercise regimen and don’t stress too much; the proverbial happens. An injury can set you back 4-6 weeks; a smart recovery plan will save months of wasted Krav Maga time. Hope to see those school members recovering from injury in class soon.



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Monday, 06 February 2023

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