Coping with Pain: The Yoga Way.

Physical Pain is perhaps the toughest thing to manage. When it strikes, it seems to tear us apart completely and nothing really helps us in overcoming it.

Pain may happen due to temporary or chronic conditions; it may be short term or unfortunately, it may be long term or even permanent. Most of our fears draw their strength from perceived pain, so it goes without saying that if we can manage pain, many of our fears would be overcome.

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Yoga - At Home or a Class?

By Rob Forchet

Naturally, the only way that you'll get good at yoga is to attend yoga classes. If you've never tried yoga before and would like to find out how to get started, yoga classes are a great way to motivate you to learn. You don't need experience before you start yoga classes. All you need is the desire to learn and the motivation to continue. No special equipment is required neither do you need to be an athlete or exceptionally flexible. A person of any age can enrol in yoga classes and successfully complete them. With proper instruction from an expert, you'll become adept at yoga in no time.

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Understanding Yoga Holidays

We all understand that there's work and after some time, there's a need to get away from work.

Which is why we holiday. The idea is to get involved in "unwinding" activities that take us away from our workplace with the resultant diversion serving as a stress buster . So whether we ski, trek or camp, it is the diversion that helps us in de-stressing.

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Yoga Classes for Children

By Kaushik Mukherjee

A yoga teacher often says that children are natural yogis.
We don't generally consider children as having stressful lives, but when you think about how busy they are and we are as well, always rushing around to school, sports, lessons and so on, we can begin to realise that they are under major pressure. This can definitely have a negative effect on their lives in many areas.

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Yoga Exercise for Men


By Jenifer Hobson

The entire human race is divided in fact into males and females. There are so many physical, physiological, mental and emotional differences that exist between the males and females. These differences actually make the males and females as unique as they are. These gender differences are not just sexual in the orientation but they make each part of the human species unique in their own way. The general perceptions that exist between the genders and will only be highlighted here for developing a basic insight into the most fundamental differences between the genders.

An indispensable part of the discussion focuses on the fact that the overall nature has created the males to be the providers and the females to be the nurturers. This is why the basic infrastructure of the male body is much stronger than the females. The idea is not to cross paths with any ideologies or groups favouring certain some sensibilities. We shall keep the discussion here by restricted only to the basic infrastructure that defines the differences in the genders.

The essential constitution of the male body is evenly directed towards strength, vigour and vitality. This is because the basic musculature and the skeletal systems are stronger than those of the females.

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