Custom Style - Next Milestone

Since the last blog, I have gained some distance in progress. Still have a long way to go.

Name chosen: Juyo Na Oto, Japanese for Vital Response

Progress: Prototyping disciplines and trademark weapons

Out of what I have researched and put to the test i have developed the following disciplines:


Working on dditions/replacements. Only thought of things like speed, pendulum, infinite, momentum...basic perspectives of attack. 
The weapons is still a working progress. By default, the infamous Bochete™ resides with this style. First test of obtuse designing resulted in the "Dragon Tail"... prototype didn't work out. One theory yet to be tested is the "Tonfa Lance". Involves 6 1/2 ft (approx) staff with Tonfa style struts either end, pointing opposite directions.

Feel free to suggest improvements, anything goes at this point.

Collect $200 passing go

Ghost Hound

Custom style name

Hey peoples

I have brainstormed many names but I need help deciding which.
To those who read please vote on the best sounding one.
I have half picked delta and corrupted response, but I figure any of them sounds pretty good.

Hybrid Response-??????????? - haiburiddo resuponsu

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