Secret to developing an Effective Personal Karate Training Plan

By Paul Walker

If you are a member of any serious martial arts school with a reputable instructor then you will have no doubt heard in class the words "Be sure to practice at home. Martial arts training goes beyond the dojo." Often, this advice is given without any suggestions or tips on how to actually do this. How do you practice at home? How do you develop an effective training plan? How often should you practice?

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Is that Karate School you are thinking of joining a McDojo?

The term Mc Dojo has come to be quite popular nowadays in the various martial arts business and trade journals and is a derogatory term used to describe certain types of martial arts schools. What are these types of schools and why is this term relevant to you as someone looking to get started in the martial arts? This article will first explain what a Mc Dojo is and will then give you some advice on how to avoid joining one.

mcdojopicAs the martial arts have grown in popularity since the initial Bruce Lee craze that then lead to Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude VanDamme, The Karate Kid, and more recently the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Power Rangers, martial artists across the country have begun to understand the potential of the martial arts as a money-making opportunity and a viable business.

Not too many years ago, the idea that somebody could make money teaching karate was simply ludicrous but nowadays there are a growing number of so-called successful schools making upwards of seven figures in gross annual revenues. Some of these schools are reputable and offer quality programs with quality martial artists as the Chief Instructors/Owners, others are not. How do you tell which is which?

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Your Journey to a Karate Black Belt: 10 Training Tips

By Paul A. Walker

The primary goal of any beginner or intermediate student of karate is usually to attain the coveted black belt. The black belt represents technical excellence, high ethical standards and the ability of a student to endure a strict and rigorous training regimen. To those "in the know," people with black belts are seen as being more than just average practitioners. They are rightfully seen as being highly disciplined and skillful proponents of the art.

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