The hike 2.0

This has been a very rough start to the year for my hitching adventures. The plan was to go to places around New Zealand teaching and learning Martial arts as I go but this new found freedom ran into a few problems along the way. Timing, no one wanting to appear on camera, troubles with my laptop and mobile internet. However like most problems I have in my life all it takes is a little bit of training to relax the mind and find the solution.

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up date on self defense in the park

So I looked at the weather forecast and we should be good for Saturday. How it will work is I'll be in Albert park from 11 till 1. Come down anytime between and I will give you a few moves based off things we do in everyday life and its application in self defense.

Hopefully it will be a lot of fun and some learning to be had by all.

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So a genius idea was given to me to give you guys my email so you can email me straight.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Auckland seminar

So I have been in Auckland less then a week and I was thinking about doing a seminar on the thing I do best, simple self defense.

Simple self defense is about working with the natural movements of an untrained or unconditioned body as the frame work for the self defense technique. And applying general principles rather then situation based techniques. While learning to stay loose and relaxed. 

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Chi magic

I have a fond memory of a flat mate of mine helping me with some computer problems I was having, he was studying computer science at the time and I asked him a question about how it works. Not feeling like explaining the complex details knowing that I wouldn't get it anyway, he simple said "it's magic Jory". 

This I fear is the general attitude towards the concept of chi, the people of today tend to talk about it as an unseen magical force. And when it is explained with this way it ends up being as helpful as someone explaining that a computer runs because of magic.  

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