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It is important to identify the purpose of the training in the martial arts in order to ascertain what really drives and motivates us to train. It is not really the antagonism of combat or the sweat of the training routine rather it is about the emotions that the practice of martial arts elicits. To delve into the Zen philosophical purpose of why we train we have to look at the factors that drive us emotionally on our journey. It could be the feeling of security, health and wellbeing, personal growth and development, comradeship or maybe status or recognition; it all varies from one individual to the other.

To succeed in anything I believe 80% of it has to do why we want something and the other 20% is the how. To succeed on our journey it is important to be able to control our emotional state. Issues trapped in tissues rings very true in martial arts. On a spiritual mind-body connection our thoughts, confidence and attitude affects our body language. Likewise how we use our physical body governs our emotions.

Seeing my students practicing drills, working the pads and shadow sparring, I notice the state change. It is impossible to get into a negative state when the body is in motion and sending totally different messages to the brain. Through training we are able to have control over our emotional state; by controlling our emotional state we are able to have better control of our lives.

Unfortunately there are those that choose to bring about radical change to their emotions, feelings and behaviour through changing their biochemistry. People drink alcohol, they use drugs even thought they know that these substances are damaging them. I bring to the table what martial arts is all about; being true to ourselves, having integrity of who we are, what we want and where we are heading. To me there is no separation between mind and body. After one class with me I can guarantee a positive state change.

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Wednesday, 07 June 2023

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