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Goal setting in BJJ


I came across this blog while surfing the net. I thought it was worth re-publishing here. For more info go to http://timbrucejiujitsu.blogspot.com

Setting Goals in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu = The formula for success.

Sports psychology is an underrated and often ignored aspect of martial arts. The fact is that it is often one of the most important areas in determining a person’s potential for advancement and success in their chosen art. Whether you want to compete, train for fun or are serious about personal fitness goals, having a handle on the psychological aspects of learning a martial art can mean the difference between success and failure. The very first step in the process is to sit down and determine what your individual goals are. Goal setting is the process of thinking about what you want to accomplish and establishing realistic expectations of yourself. How well you set your personal goals and reflect on the best way to achieve these goals will give you the formula for success.

Creating a list of goals is not as simple as one thinks. There is an acronym used to help develop a list of targets. It is called the S.M.A.R.T. goal acronym. The first part of S.M.A.R.T. goal setting is SPECIFIC. Setting Specific goals is important because it will help narrow down WHAT a person wants and then helps them determine HOW they can accomplish such goals. Often people will set a goal like “I want to get in shape.” Or “I want to be a UFC fighter.” These goals are not nearly specific enough and will not allow any clear path to accomplish anything. Setting a goal that is more specific will allow the person a chance to reach goals in a timely and efficient manner. Rather than setting a general goal, break it into realistic and easily attainable accomplishments. A goal of “Getting better in BJJ” can be simplified into specific goals like:

  1. Go to BJJ class 3x a week.
  2. Compete 3x this year.
  3. Attend two seminars this year.
  4. Watch two BJJ instructional dvds.
  5. Get my Blue belt within a year and a half.

All of these are specific, non-generalised goals that can be accomplished and will eventually lead you to the ultimate purpose of getting better in BJJ.

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Monday, 06 February 2023

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