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Knife Play

Tuesday Systema – Loren broke out the training knives. First we all stood in a circle throwing the knife quite sweetly to each other – have to catch it safely – one hand, two, or against the body in some way. This ramped up somewhat, then we added a second knife to the mix. Then a third. Knives flying everywhere, hilarious.

Then one partner on the ground, other applies the knife point to a part of the body, have to move the body to make the blade flat and roll so the point hits the floor. Done slowly, working on sensitivity, mobility, this is not a self defense exercise. Then repeating but have to trap the knife hand against the floor. Then trapping and adding a gift – some nice opportunites when you roll.  Then some pushups using the knife in one hand (not me, shoulder getting bad again).

Then partners sitting up or kneeling and the knife is either sliced across the face or stabbed to the body, slowly. Have to avoid and move and roll and gain control mainly using the body. Nice, messy. Finished with knife throwing again to wind down.



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Wednesday, 07 June 2023

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