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My life feels like it's on hold...

So I've just recently moved to a new city, closer to family and friends.  This is a great fact about my life right now.  I have a girlfriend, who I've been seeing for almost a year, and I have a great job.  Everything is great, right?  Not necessarily.

A couple weeks before this past Christmas (Dec 25, for those who don't know), I had finally had enough of this pain I had in my hands.  I went to the doctor (which I should have done a month or two sooner).  I explained to the doctor that a year ago I went in to see a doctor about the pain, which was only prevalent in one finger (my right hand, pinky finger), and he merely passed it off as a damaged ligament. But now the pain was through three fingers (right hand, pinky, "ring" and middle finger), and it was almost unbearable most of the time.  He immediately had me sent for blood tests.

One week later, the blood test results were back in and I found out I have Gout, a form of Arthritis.  He quickly put me on anti-inflammatories, and then Gout medication, and went me on my way.  Since then, the pain has almost completely subsided and most of the crystallization has gone.  But the joints are still troublesome to move, and the problem exists in my feet as well, making it painful to walk some days.

Basically, this is just a rant, but since finding out what I have, I feel really helpless.  I know so much of how to manage this condition, and I'm slowly making the steps, but I just feel that my life is on hold for this – for lack of a better term – disease to go away.  I'm just frustrated, I guess.

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Wednesday, 07 December 2022

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