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Summer Training Ideas


Summer Fitness Tips
Summer is the perfect time of year for outdoor training. Many people are even more motivated to train during the summer months, and are looking for something different. Here are some ideas for outdoor summer training for martial artists of all styles.

Stay Hydrated!
The danger of becoming dehydrated is always present. Always take plenty of water with you and drink it often.

Wear sunscreen to protect your skin before you do any outdoor training. And wear a hat.

Wear Cool Clothing
Wearing hot or thick clothing does you no good in training especially when the temperature starts to rise. You not only risk dehydrating, but you also risk raising your body temperature to dangerous levels. Any weight lost in this way will just be water weight, and will quickly return.

Get Your Feet Wet
Training in water can give you a completely new training experience. Try throwing a set of kicks or punches as fast as you can underwater. As an example, pick four different kicks and four different punches, and throw each 20 times per side, as fast as you can, while neck deep in water. You will love the burn, get a great workout and over time your techniques will become faster and stronger.

If you live near the beach or a lake try stance training. Stand about knee deep in the water, practice holding your stances for 30 seconds to a minute at a time, maintaining your balance and stability against the pressure of the waves.

Hit the Beach
Training on the sand is great for improving stability and overall power. Try sparring or shadow boxing on the beach. Try to wear a martial arts uniform or gym gear, if there are two of you so people don’t think you are in a real fight.

Grapplers will get great benefit from training on sand as well, provided you don’t mind the mess. Practice bridging and turning on the sand. You can also grapple with partners, we would recommend wearing goggles, as stupid as that might sound, as sand in the eyes is not enjoyable.

Visit The Park
Cardiovascular endurance “wind” is extremely important to being good martial artist. Try jogging on the grass if you can avoid jogging or running on cement, as it is bad for the joints. If you are just starting out, set yourself a mark, such as a particular tree or pole, jog out to it at a moderate pace, and jog back. As your endurance improves, either increase the distance of your marker or the number of times you go back and forth.

For martial artists with better endurance, try running sprints. Pick a marker that is a moderate distance away, and run to the mark as fast as you can. For an added challenge, as soon as you get to your mark, drop down and do 25 push-ups. Get up and sprint back to your starting point. Drop to the grass and do 25 crunches. Rest at this point for between 1 and 5 minutes, then repeat. You can also mix these up some. Instead of doing pushups or crunches, you can do a certain technique for 25 reps in-stead.

These tips are a good start in getting the most out of your summer training. Enjoy the good weather while you can!



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